Remote engagement

When the global coronavirus crisis hit, we knew that it was crucial for cities, city-builders and residents to stay engaged even when participants couldn’t meet in person. We tested and adapted our engagement methodologies to make city engagement processes accessible, inclusive and fun, even from afar.

Our remote engagement toolbox combines:
• Accessible, multi-activity workshops for participants of all ages, experiences and abilities
• Online video/audio conferences and meetings
• Surveys, shareable by email, social media or text message
• Stakeholder outreach through phone, text message and mail

Our human-centered approach uses empathy, co-creation and rapid iteration to respond to people’s needs, emotions, and lived experiences. These deep engagement approaches prioritize equity. In a time of physical distancing, we meet people where they’re at, tailoring our approaches to consider diverse abilities and levels of access to technology.

We bring years of deep remote experience to the table, from disseminating online surveys to reveal a community’s self-identity to facilitating video design charrettes with teams on different continents.

To learn more about how we can help you facilitate accessible and fun civic dialogue, email us today