Keynotes and conversations

Through in-person and remote keynote presentations or in smaller conversations, Charles Montgomery and other members of the Happy City team will share inspiring stories from cities around the world. Our visual presentations draw lessons from science, innovative urban activism, and our own participatory experiments. We can also produce custom-made presentations based on your specific objectives.
We’ve recently led conversations on design and wellbeing with entities as varied as the World Health Organization, Canada’s National Capital Commission, the EcoDistricts Summit, Futurewise, the government of Mexico City, The City of Auckland and Arlington County Commuter Services.

We’ve also inspired audiences with the following organizations or events:
• The Cityquest/New Cities Forum in Saudi Arabia
• The American Society of Landscape Architects
• The American Society of Interior Designers
• The Terwilliger Centre for Housing (Urban Land Institute)
• The City of Ottawa planning department
• The 8-80 Doable Cities Forum
• The Chicago Architecture Foundation
• The U.S. National Building Museum
• The International Making Cities Livable conference
• The 22nd Annual Congress for New Urbanism
• The BMW Guggenheim Lab in New York and Berlin
• The Museum of Vancouver
• The B.C. Transit Association

Note: Charles Montgomery is represented by the Lavin Agency for all keynote events.

Watch videos of select presentations:

The National – Fixing our cities
Choosing the Happy City through transportation
Love Night at the BMW Guggenheim Lab