What is the relationship between science, art and urban design?

by Charles Montgomery on

This summer Omar Dominguez, Happy City’s director of operations and sustainability, had an opportunity to explore this question while entertaining and inspiring an enthusiastic audience in Vancouver’s happy Commercial Drive neighbourhood. The Curiosity Collider brings together researchers, visual and performing artists, passionate educators, and entrepreneurs who share a curiosity for science.

Through a combination of stories, scientific evidence and the experience from Happy City’s own urban experiments, Omar encouraged the audience to think of the city as a machine for building health and happiness.

“Omar captivated our sold-out audience with stories on the art and science of international urban happiness experiments,” said Shelley McIvor, Co-founder, Curiosity Collider. “We’ve begun to imagine how cities can foster kindness and generosity; we hope Canadian city planners will factor these findings into their future urban designs. Thanks for being a great storyteller Omar – stay curious!”