Uytae Lee

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Uytae Lee helps us tell stories that inspire change in urban communities. Uytae produces videos that educate the public on urban planning issues. His academic background in urban planning paired with his experience in journalism, music, and videography provides him with a unique perspective on communicating the complex issues surrounding our cities. In 2013, he founded PLANifax, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on urban planning issues in Halifax through video. He later went on to support diverse organizations to create engaging content on a wide array of urban planning issues. His past clients are a mix of governmental organizations and media outlets; they include The City of Vancouver, the Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax Water, and the Discourse. He currently produces a video column for CBC Vancouver where he challenges viewers to ‘rethink’ their city. Uytae holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community Design and Sustainability from Dalhousie University.