Paty Rios

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Paty leads Happy City’s research projects as well as work in Latin America. She focuses on social well-being in the built environment. She has an interdisciplinary background in architecture, urban design, ethnography and participatory design. Paty has collaborated with world-renowned architecture studio Teodoro González de Leon, Gensler & Peschard, and co-founded In.Situ and the non-profit organization Identidad y Ciudad in Mexico. Paty promotes a human-centered design approach that engages a great spectrum of stakeholders to analyze and work with the nuances of social complexities.

During her PhD she developed a participatory and interdisciplinary methodology to design urban parks that promote social cohesion. Her international experience has helped her understand the different perspectives as well as cultural values that link urban design with human patterns. She is a sessional lecturer UBC and has experience teaching urban theory, and project and urban methodologies. Paty is also a postdoctoral fellow at Liu Institute where she explores the relation between the policy design process and participatory design in the planning of the city.