Marten Sims

by Charles Montgomery on

Marten leads Happy City’s European operations – giving presentations, facilitating workshops, creating experiments, performing site audits, and designing spaces, services and engagement processes. Recent clients include British Land and the World Health Organization.

Marten brings fifteen years of design-industry experience, and holds a Degree in Graphic Design from the UK and a Masters in Design from Canada. He is also the founder of the trans-disciplinary design studio Beyond; a former president of the Vancouver Design Nerds; and a member of Vancouver’s Mayor’s Engaged City Task Force. Marten teaches design, civic engagement and facilitation at Emily Carr University and Simon Fraser University in Canada, and the Arts University Bournemouth in the UK. In Vancouver, he is known for hosting walking tours, and for creating temporary urban interventions and permanent installations such as a giant wooden nest for social interactions that foster sociability and creativity in public environments.