Research and publications

Vancouver Breweries Wellbeing Patio Study
We adjusted our public life study approach to assess how the temporary patios at a number of local Vancouver breweries influenced patron wellbeing.
Social wellbeing in modular housing: co-creating designs to nurture health and social support for vulnerable people
Happy Neighbours: Promoting affordability and social wellbeing
Implementing and testing design and social programming actions in multi-unit housing
Major Urban Parks Audit and Assessment
Mexico City Ministry of Environment
Designing for Difference
An assessment of experiences in public space
National Policy for Happier, Healthier Communities in the United Arab Emirates
How do you help an entire nation build happier communities?
Visitors enjoying the shade at Vancouver's Jim Deva Plaza. (Credit: Alison Boulier)
Pavement-to-Plaza Wellbeing Assessment
Major public study of plazas in partnership with the City of Vancouver
Designed to Engage: Policy recommendations for promoting sociability in multi-family housing
Happy Homes: Building Sociability through Multi-family Housing
Global Happiness Policy Report: Happy Cities in a Smart World
Happy Streets
Happy Streets Living Lab
Exploring the link between public space improvements and trust, sociability, and wellbeing
Shore to Core
Urban waterfront experiment in West Palm Beach
Happy City Workshop at the 23rd Congress for the New Urbanism
Happy City and PlaceMakers, LLC helped CNU members explore lessons on the urban design and wellbeing connection, and their implications for the CNU Charter.
Happy City Workshop with the Centre for Civic Governance
Helping municipal leaders build happiness into British Columbia communities
Mexico City Happy City neighbourhood audit
An urban investigation with Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Government of Mexico City
Happy City: The Book
Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design
Editable urbanism
Investigating urban design and pro-social behaviour with Futurewise
Selected published essays and journalism
Building Happiness
Contribution to Connected Worlds, book of urban solutions published by British Telecom