The Ecopolitan Residential and Commercial Development Project (Ecopolitan) is an 8,000-person community on a greenfield site in Punawale, a district of Pune, India. The project’s developer, Ahura Builders, reached out to Happy City to improve the health and happiness performance of the development.

The challenge? The client required rapid analysis and collaborative ideation with teams 12,000 kilometres apart. Happy City convened an unique video charrette process to analyse context, architecture and master plans through the happiness lens. Our team produced site-specific happiness-centered design strategies. Then, working in real time with the development team, we produced practical recommendations to boost connectivity, social opportunities and sense of place, as well as real and perceived levels of security. Workshop sketches led to detailed renderings and pragmatic design guidelines, which have been adopted by the client. These strategies helped Ahura Builders create value while improving health and happiness for residents and the wider community.