BPPworkshop 2

Our client, British Pacific Properties, was developing a vision for a mixed-use village on a forested site in the City of West Vancouver. Public engagement was a crucial part of the vision process.

In June, 2016, Happy City presented a visual keynote followed by an intensive workshop during which participants explored the potential for a mountainside Cypress Village to foster greater health and happiness. Participants were presented with evidence on the connection between urban design and wellbeing. They drew lessons from psychology, brain science, sociology, public health and other disciplines, as well as their own urban experience. They worked in teams to develop their own high-level happiness principles to guide the design and vision for Cypress Village, based on eight elements of wellbeing. Then they honed the principles in group discussion. Following this session, the Happy City team refined the principles for clarity, referring to the written materials the participants created during their group work.

The resulting principles were then used to inform the client’s design collaborators in the preparation of three visions. The visions were then to be presented to the public and the City of West Vancouver in fall, 2016.

Cypress Village Speaker Series Part Two – Charles Montgomery from British Pacific Properties on Vimeo.