Building happiness in new cities

by Charles Montgomery on

Cityquest – KAEC Forum is a global leadership exchange among key visionaries, builders and partners of the world’s largest and most innovative greenfield city projects. Co-founded and hosted by King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), in partnership with the New Cities Foundation, the Forum’s chief objective is to generate cohesive strategies for making these cities of the future a sustainable success. Happy City principal Charles Montgomery shared key messages on the… Continue reading

Pinetree Way revitalization: ideation

by Charles Montgomery on

With the advent of construction of a new elevated rapid transit line, the City of Coquitlam had an opportunity to transform a single-use arterial road into the signature avenue of its emerging downtown. The city’s goal was a multi-modal corridor that invited people to walk and cycle in a pleasant and attractive environment which also served as a visual reminder of place. As Pinetree Way still needed to accommodate heavy… Continue reading

Mailbox of the future

by Charles Montgomery on

As part of its plan to shift to community mailboxes from home delivery, Canada Post asked us for new ideas on the design and function of community mailboxes. We provided a range of original concepts, from the practical to the speculative. Our work was driven by the belief that carefully designed and placed community mailboxes can provide greater convenience and efficiency while also boosting neighborhood social ties. Continue reading