Dubai Plan 2021

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Happy City contributed to the Dubai 2021 Plan by co-facilitating an urban design workshop, helping develop design criteria and KPIs that are focused towards happiness, sharing evidence on the happiness-design connection, and providing design input for the pilot neighbourhood project. The result of our consultation will inform the design of a pilot project in Al Barsha, one of Dubai’s residential neighborhoods. The project outlined key objectives for the following 100… Continue reading

Granville Island 2040

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In the summer of 2016, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) embarked on a powerful re-imagining of Vancouver’s Granville Island to 2040. The Island has been an incredible Canadian success story, a place where arts and industry and surprises collide. But the island needed a refresh to maintain and enhance its relevance for the future. Happy City collaborated with an interdisciplinary team led by HCMA to create an updated and compelling vision for the iconic island. We co-created… Continue reading

Happy village principles for Cypress Village

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Our client, British Pacific Properties, was developing a vision for a mixed-use village on a forested site in the City of West Vancouver. Public engagement was a crucial part of the vision process. In June, 2016, Happy City presented a visual keynote followed by an intensive workshop during which participants explored the potential for a mountainside Cypress Village to foster greater health and happiness. Participants were presented with evidence on… Continue reading

Recommendations for Ecopolitan

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The Ecopolitan Residential and Commercial Development Project (Ecopolitan) is taking shape on a greenfield site in Punawale, a district of Pune, India. The project’s developer, Ahura Builders, aspires to build a community that will offer exceptional lifestyle benefits to its 8,000 residents. Ahura reached out to Happy City for specific recommendations on how to improve the health and happiness performance of the development. Working with collaborators MODUS, Happy City convened a… Continue reading

Wellbeing principles for British Land

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British Land, the UK’s largest real estate investment trust, is committed to improving wellbeing through its development and placemaking practices. Happy City has helped the company to pursue this aspiration through a collaborative program of research, recommendations, site audits and workshops. In the first phase of work, Happy City proposed a set of wellbeing principles based on extensive research in public health, neuroscience, behavioural economics and environmental psychology, as well… Continue reading