Meet the Straphanger tonight in Vancouver

by Charles Montgomery on

Taras Grescoe is a self-proclaimed straphanger:  He adores public transit so much, he spent the last couple of years riding systems around the world, from Bogota to Moscow. The resulting book–titled Straphanger, of course–is equal parts travelogue and manifesto. For Grescoe, the public bus is no Loser Cruiser. He argues that if we change the way we move around our cities, we can not only save the world, but produce better, more joyful places.

I’ll be interviewing the Straphanger himself tonight at the Vancouver Public Library. Grescoe will show us images from his strange journey, and we will argue about the future of getting around in cities. If you are a dedicated car driver, you may want to come down and harass him.

Taras Grescoe at the VPL Main Branch
Alice McKay Room
May 7, 7pm