Marten presents at Pecha Kucha Vancouver

by Administrator on

This Fall, Happy City Senior design and engagement specialist Marten Sims was invited to present at Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver on the topic ‘Our Bright Green Future’. Along with eleven other speakers and music by Rae Spoon. Through a visual, rapid-talking, fumble-inducing talk, Marten addressed a sold-out Vogue Theatre crowd in downtown Vancouver. In 6 minutes and 40 seconds he somehow managed to squeeze in a talk about the relationship between happiness and urban design, the neuroscience and psychology of placemaking, facilitate a social experiment with half of the 1,300+ audience, and give a couple of his own examples of built projects and encourage everyone to put up a swing.

With the time-pressure on, it was a tough run, but he managed to squeeze it all in.

You can watch the presentation here: