Earthquake-ravaged cities in Mexico need our help — here’s how

by Omar Dominguez on

September 22, 2017. UPDATE:
The Canadian Red Cross is now offering a dedicated fund to help the thousands of earthquake victims in Mexico. This will facilitate donations from Canadians wishing to help those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. To help via the Canadian Red Cross, please go to the Canadian Red Cross.

Image depicting rescue efforts in Mexico. 
Photo credit: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Getty Images

Dear friends,

Yesterday a powerful earthquake hit Mexico City, home town to Happy City team members Omar Dominguez and Paty Rios, and many family and friends of our team.

Thank you for all your messages and good wishes for Omar and Paty’s family and friends. Fortunately those we love in the city are safe and helping in any way they can helping to remove rubble, providing food, and buying diesel for the emergency plants.

But dozens of buildings have collapsed, and many people are trapped under the debris. Thousands will be affected by this disaster, and people will have to deal with widespread destruction left in the wake.

If you want to help, you can. We encourage you to make a donation (the exchange rate is quite favourable at the moment and your dollars will go a long way.)

The best place to direct your donations is the Mexican Red Cross. Unfortunately their site is only in Spanish. If you want our help donating and you are in Canada, please:

1/ email Omar stating your donation amount, name and email address for our records.

2/ then send Omar an e-transfer:

We will then tabulate and donate all funds received every three days, until Oct. 15. At that time we will post a full list of donations on our blog.

No, we are not a charity, and cannot issue receipts. We just want to help get donations to the Mexican Red Cross as quickly as possible.


Other organizations with English websites accepting donations include:

Save the Children

Direct relief

Global Giving


Thank you for your support!

Omar, Paty and the Happy City Team