Happy City allies donate $1,000 to help earthquake survivors in Mexico

by Omar Dominguez on

When two devastating earthquakes struck Mexico in September, we saw thousands of people come together to help their neighbours. But we knew that Mexicans needed more help to deal with this disaster, so we reached out to our friends in the Happy City community. Thanks to the support of friends and family, we have donated approximately $1,000 CAD (~14,000 MEX) to the Mexican Red Cross this month. Through this tragedy… Continue reading

Earthquake-ravaged cities in Mexico need our help — here’s how

by Omar Dominguez on

September 22, 2017. UPDATE: The Canadian Red Cross is now offering a dedicated fund to help the thousands of earthquake victims in Mexico. This will facilitate donations from Canadians wishing to help those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. To help via the Canadian Red Cross, please go to the Canadian Red Cross.  Photo credit: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Getty Images Dear friends, Yesterday a powerful earthquake… Continue reading

An ode to women in the happy city movement

by Editor on

Women’s Day got us thinking about many of the leaders who have inspired our healthy, happy city movement: The activism and enduring wisdom of Jane Jacobs. The pragmatic audacity of Janette Sadik-Khan. The brave public advocacy of Jennifer Keesmat, who risks her job by speaking evidence-based truth to power in Toronto. Clair Cooper-Marcus, whose research and ideas flow through all our work on housing. And Eva Kail, who showed us that building a… Continue reading

Groundbreaking happy streets experiment coming to Vancouver!

by Editor on

Around the world, city streets are being transformed into better places to walk, socialize and celebrate. People are trading dead street edges and dangerous asphalt for vibrant sidewalks, parklets and plazas that are expressions of new ideas about human happiness. But how do these changes influence the way we feel and treat other people? If we want to keep these wonderful spaces, we need evidence about how these interventions influence… Continue reading

What is urban experimentalism?

by Charles Montgomery on

ex·per·i·men·tal·ism: noun 1/ reliance on or advocacy of experimental or empirical principles and procedures. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) 2/ an orientation that favors experimentation and innovation. Related to instrumentalism, a philosophy advanced by philosopher John Dewey, who held that the truth of a thing or idea lay in its usefulness. I began my search for the essence of the happier city as a journalist, searching for experts among planners, mayors, psychologists and… Continue reading

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