Earthquake-ravaged cities in Mexico need our help — here’s how

by Omar Dominguez on

September 22, 2017. UPDATE: The Canadian Red Cross is now offering a dedicated fund to help the thousands of earthquake victims in Mexico. This will facilitate donations from Canadians wishing to help those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. To help via the Canadian Red Cross, please go to the Canadian Red Cross.  Photo credit: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Getty Images Dear friends, Yesterday a powerful earthquake… Continue reading

Press release: Public Space Improvements Can Boost Trust Among Strangers

by Mitchell Reardon on

Happy Streets

A new study has found that a rainbow crosswalk painted by the City of Vancouver is linked to greater trust among strangers. That’s one finding from the Happy Streets Living Lab report, released today. This unique study used Vancouver, Canada, as its laboratory. The goal: to understand how urban design interventions can support wellbeing, belonging and social trust – an antidote to the growing crisis of loneliness in many cities.… Continue reading

Tackling the crisis of social disconnection

by Charles Montgomery on

Social wellbeing matters. Feelings of belonging and connection to other people and community are essential elements of human health and happiness. People with strong connections to family and friends live, on average, 15 years longer than people who are disconnected. High trust cities report much higher happiness and GDP growth than low trust cities. Yet modern cities are facing an epidemic of social disconnection that is shortening lives, weakening communities,… Continue reading

An ode to women in the happy city movement

by Editor on

Women’s Day got us thinking about many of the leaders who have inspired our healthy, happy city movement: The activism and enduring wisdom of Jane Jacobs. The pragmatic audacity of Janette Sadik-Khan. The brave public advocacy of Jennifer Keesmat, who risks her job by speaking evidence-based truth to power in Toronto. Clair Cooper-Marcus, whose research and ideas flow through all our work on housing. And Eva Kail, who showed us that building a… Continue reading

Envisioning a happy, healthy Granville Island

by Editor on

Early in 2016, the federal government launched a planning initiative for stakeholders to reimagine what Vancouver BC’s iconic peninsula Granville Island could look like. The Granville Island 2040 Plan was a call to set a course for Granville Island’s future and to articulate its shape for the next 25 years. Aimed to address potential for land use options, including the repurposing of Emily Carr University buildings and the potential expansion… Continue reading