Happy City joins Vancouver’s new social innovation community

by Editor on

We are excited to announce that we have moved our office to 312 Main, Vancouver’s Social Innovation Hub. For decades, 312 Main was the headquarters of the Vancouver Police Department. Despite the important work done by Vancouver Police, the building was also a place where many people experienced some of the worst moments of their lives, including incarceration in the jail cells upstairs. After the Police vacated the building, a… Continue reading

Infusing equity into the World Happiness Report

by Charles Montgomery on

The 2018 Global Happiness Policy Report is out. This time, the report contains practical solutions for governments and cities interested in boosting wellbeing. We were thrilled to be asked to contribute to this report as part of the sub-council on Happy Cities. We are proud to say that we were able to infuse the report with real-world examples of people using smart city solutions to boost equity, inclusion and health.… Continue reading

Will Vancouver’s ambitious new housing strategy make the city healthier and happier?

by Charles Montgomery on

Vancouver, like so many cities, is experiencing a painful housing crisis. The city is the least affordable in North America. Hundreds of people are living on the streets or in tent camps. Working people are forced into punishingly long commutes. Families are leaving in search of appropriate, affordable homes. Businesses are having trouble hiring talent. Many people feel that the city simply does not value them, or have room for… Continue reading

Designed for Wellbeing – Paddington Central

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2017 Paddington Central Young Readers photo

How have recent design improvements to the external environment at Paddington Central had an impact on the wellbeing of workers, residents and visitors? Happy City set about finding out. Since British Land bought Paddington Central in 2013, they have transformed it into a thriving community space, in line with their London campus strategy to design great environments inside and out. Improvements include increasing greenery, providing additional social areas, improving wayfinding… Continue reading

Happy City allies donate $1,000 to help earthquake survivors in Mexico

by Omar Dominguez on

When two devastating earthquakes struck Mexico in September, we saw thousands of people come together to help their neighbours. But we knew that Mexicans needed more help to deal with this disaster, so we reached out to our friends in the Happy City community. Thanks to the support of friends and family, we have donated approximately $1,000 CAD (~14,000 MEX) to the Mexican Red Cross this month. Through this tragedy… Continue reading