Designed for Wellbeing – Paddington Central

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2017 Paddington Central Young Readers photo

How have recent design improvements to the external environment at Paddington Central had an impact on the wellbeing of workers, residents and visitors? Happy City set about finding out. Since British Land bought Paddington Central in 2013, they have transformed it into a thriving community space, in line with their London campus strategy to design great environments inside and out. Improvements include increasing greenery, providing additional social areas, improving wayfinding… Continue reading

Charles talks towers and sociability on the TV show 26 Minutes

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26 Minutes, a Chinese TV station, interviews Charles Montgomery in his hometown of Vancouver, BC. Listen to Charles discuss the importance of walkable connected places, good public transit and the negative social consequences of living in tall socially isolating towers. Promoting instead walkable mixed use urban developments that foster positive trust building social encounters. 26 Minutes, Part II Continue reading

Happy City interview in Vienna

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While in Vienna for Walk 21 Charles Montgomery shared some thoughts in an interview about what makes cities healthy, happy and livable. Charles discussed two of the most “livable” cities in the world – Vienna and Vancouver – what makes them such livable cities, what they can learn from each other, and what challenges they face in the future. Continue reading

Marten presents at Pecha Kucha Vancouver

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This Fall, Happy City Senior design and engagement specialist Marten Sims was invited to present at Pecha Kucha Night Vancouver on the topic ‘Our Bright Green Future’. Along with eleven other speakers and music by Rae Spoon. Through a visual, rapid-talking, fumble-inducing talk, Marten addressed a sold-out Vogue Theatre crowd in downtown Vancouver. In 6 minutes and 40 seconds he somehow managed to squeeze in a talk about the relationship between happiness… Continue reading

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