An ode to women in the happy city movement

by Editor on

Women’s Day got us thinking about many of the leaders who have inspired our healthy, happy city movement:
The activism and enduring wisdom of Jane Jacobs.
The pragmatic audacity of Janette Sadik-Khan.
The brave public advocacy of Jennifer Keesmat, who risks her job by speaking evidence-based truth to power in Toronto.
Clair Cooper-Marcus, whose research and ideas flow through all our work on housing.
And Eva Kail, who showed us that building a city that works specifically for women and girls produces places that work better for everyone.
Happy City is committed to keep using our power, resources and critical thinking to build cities that undo historic and entrenched inequities, and are truly inclusive for all, and we will continue to work towards strategies to ensure opportunity and inclusion across the gender spectrum.
SONY DSCClair Cooper Marcus Janette Sadik-Khan
Clockwise from top left: Jane Jacobs, Jennifer Keesmat, Janette Saik-Khan, Clair Cooper Marcus, Eva Kail